Guide to Choosing Your Business Telephone System

With countless designs and manufacturers of business telephone systems, it can sometimes be challenging choosing the one for your company. Here we explain the factors you need to consider as well as tips to help you in choosing the correct telephone system for your business.

Number of Phone Lines

The first thing to consider when choosing your business telephone system is how many phone lines does your business require. If you have a large company that will need a lot of phone lines in order to have efficient communication, it may be beneficial to opt for systems such as VoIP telephone systems. However, if your business is small in scale, a traditional landline might be a more favourable option.


The next factor to consider is what you need from your phone. With the world of technology always changing, there are always new features to be found on telephones. For example, VoIP telephones allow you to easily route calls to employees that may be travelling or in remote environments. For international companies this may be a highly beneficial feature, however, for smaller scale, local companies it may be unnecessary.

Office Size

A third factor to consider is the size of your office. The size of your office will be determined how many extensions you will need to have on your phone. For example, a small-scale office may only need five extensions whereas a large-scale corporation may need 100+.

Business Growth

Finally, the last factor to consider is your plans for business growth. Every business owner has a vision of where they want their company to be in the future. By considering your plan for growth when choosing your business telephone system, it allows you to choose a system that you can adapt to your changing business and in turn save future costs.